How long does it take for a course to be considered completed after submitting a project?

General · Posted by Aaron watson

Aaron watson 290 points

If you enroll in a course and then click the option that indicates that you already know the language, you are given the option to simply submit a project. I did this, and I submitted my project today. However, I can't access tasks yet, and my course is not registered as being completed. How long do you have to wait after submitting a project for your course to be considered completed? (Or... Do you still have to complete the lessons even if you submit a project first?)

Brad seelbach 100 points

I submitted 2 course projects also. They haven't even responded in a week.  I'm not sure this place is legit at all.

Robert mclean 820 points

Same here. Completed the Java course, but theyre not counting it. smh